Bag2School Parent Council Fundraiser

Bag2School is working with your Parent Council to
increase awareness of the importance of textile recycling
and help achieve your fundraising goals by
diverting your unwanted clothing from landfill. All
items are reused where possible with only a small
portion recycled (those items beyond their useful life).
NO items are dumped in landfill. Your Parent Council
has arranged a collection so the more you bring in
the more you will benefit the environment and the
bigger your fundraising payout will be!

What we accept

*Please do not include heavily soiled, wet clothing or hard goods

It’s simple!

footwear outerwear hats mittens scarves belts towels purses handbags

backpacks soft bags linens

Put unwanted clothing in bag or box.

Bring them to school. Donations are collected and weighed.

School receives payment for fundraising goal!



Please send  your donations to the school on October 15 to October  25, 2019 (by 9am on the last day)