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Student Drop-off - Kiss'n'Ride
Published on Jun 5, 2019 18:08

Although there are only a few weeks left of school, it is a good time to review student drop off procedures. 

After 8:30, parents may drop students off in the bus lane in front of the school.  This is a one-way driveway.  Once a vehicle enters the driveway, it must continue the same direction and exit out the other end.  Backing up and driving out the entrance, in which cars and students are entering is extremely dangerous for our students.  If you choose to drop your child off in front of the school, and the bus is still there, you must wait for the bus to depart and then proceed out the exit. 

This is meant as a kiss'n'ride drop off, in which parents stop their car in the righthand lane, closest to the school, help remove their child from the car and then carefully drive away.  If you want to walk your child to either gate, then you must park your car in the parking lot or on Miller Park Avenue.

Parents are strongly encouraged, to remove their child from the passenger door, closest to the school building.  It is extremely dangerous for students to exit out the driver's side door, near passing cars.  Walkers should be using the sidewalk path along the front of the school, not crossing in front of cars.