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A New Year!!!!
Published on Sep 2, 2017 16:09

Dear Parents,
I hope you have all had a fun and rejuvenating summer!   We are looking forward to the new school year and the return of the students!   This year we have 4 new staff members we would like to welcome to the SJB family.  Mrs Bacik will be teaching Gr. 4/5.  Mrs. Reynolds will be teaching in the Kindergarten/Gr. 1 class,  Miss Carvalho will be teaching Arts Prep/SERT/Library, and Miss Baks will be joining our Educational Assistant team.  We welcome them and wish them well in their new positions.  
First Day of School
Class lists will be posted outside, 
for grades SK to GR. 8, where the children are to line up on the morning of Tuesday Sept. 5, 2017 (JK's and their families will meet with teachers during the first day at scheduled interviews).  For that morning, and for the safety of all of the little ones, who will be excited and not paying attention to their surroundings, I will be closing off the Bus Driveway, with exceptions made for Special Needs transportation and the School Bus.  For walkers,  I recommend  that parents, who are planning to come to school with your children,  to walk your children to school if the weather is great.  If you drive, please park on one of the surrounding streets, where it is legal to do so, and walk onto the school grounds.  If it is raining the morning of the first day, we will take the children into the school, through the school yard doors, to gather in the gym with their teachers.  Please do not send children in through the main office area as it is a very small area and does not house large numbers.  Parents are welcome to come onto the schoolyard with their children on the first morning. For the rest of the year, we respectfully ask that you stop at the appropriate gates or school yard fences and send your child onto the school grounds from there.  
We are gradually getting information about students who have moved away over the summer and we are having a significant number on new students register.  This means there will be a strong possibility of restructuring this year, possibly creating another class to meet ministry class size targets.  That can only be accurately done after we have actual students in seats to see if a class will need to be created.   We will endeavour to make as few disruptions as possible, but restructuring is a reality for the majority of elementary schools in Ontario and it is possibly our reality as well.

Regardless of how the school year starts, in short order we will be operating smoothly and all learning environments will be progressing well.  
See you Tuesday!

Yours in Faith,
J. Murphy